About GROW

We develop powerful technology to help you deliver outstanding outcomes to your customers. It’s a story of entrepreneurship.

Grow Team

Our journey began with a group of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make super a better experience for members.

Today, we’re a growing team of passionate minds working together to solve legacy problems using powerful technology. We continue to develop new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the financial services industry. Our goal is to help the industry improve member and investor experiences through future-proof technology.

But technology isn’t enough by itself

But technology isn’t enough by itself.

To achieve the right outcomes, you need the right people. That’s why we also offer access to experts through our administration company, GROW Admin.

We don’t do it alone

We don’t do it alone.

We believe in partnering with the best, so we’ve teamed up with third-party providers to deliver a range of other services. This allows you to choose a team of providers to best suit your needs.

Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable.

Our open architecture and native APIs enable simple integration to easily adapt to changes in providers over time.

Our purpose

We aim to empower businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs to create the future of finance.

That’s why we own and control the solutions we develop.

In a complex world it’s difficult to create simplicity. Yet, that’s what we strive to do. We build simple solutions to help you shift and shape the future of your business.

Our purpose starts with you.

Our values

Our values are built into everything we do.

From the technology we create to how we treat our customers, our values form the foundation of who we are and what we do.

We are rebels with a cause

We are rebels with a cause

We do things our way. We are authentic, diverse and fun. We embrace our differences as we stand united in working towards our common goal.

We are here to put a dent in the universe

We are here to put a dent in the universe

We are impatient visionaries. We want to change the world today to make it better tomorrow, through perseverance, creativity and innovation. We always look for better ways to do things, examining the “why”, and not just the “how”.

We give power to the people

We give power to the people

We support each other. We enable our employees and customers to achieve their objectives. We encourage everyone to reach beyond their comfort zone, admit mistakes and ask for help.

We choose the hard right over the easy wrong

We choose the hard right over the easy wrong

We choose transparency. We take risk into account for everything we do. We choose to not sacrifice our integrity for quick fixes.

Our people

This is who we are.

We are driven

We are driven

Every day we challenge ourselves to do, think and be better. Why? Because it’s the only way we can create meaningful change. Our mission isn’t easy. In fact, it’s ambitious. But it’s our drive, even in the face of challenges, that sets us apart.

Not only do we each strive to be the best version of ourselves, we also encourage those around us to do the same. In doing so, we move forward together.

We value diversity

We value diversity

We seek to create an environment which values different perspectives. We do this by striving to give every individual a voice, regardless of their position. We believe this leads to better outcomes in our technology and for our customers.

We want every person to come to work as their authentic selves and have every opportunity to contribute to their individual success as well as our collective success.

We have fun

We have fun

We work hard, but we have fun doing it. This echoes through everything we do at GROW Inc.

A key reason for our success is we enjoy our work and the people we work with. We believe this creates an atmosphere that breeds creativity, a vital ingredient to delivering real change.

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