Your partner and experts in super administration.

Together with our DLTA platform, GROW Admin Co offers a new alternative for super administration.

Our technology is great, but it’s not enough on its own. It requires skilled people to deliver the outcomes you want.

We’ve built a team of subject matter experts to support and guide you to the solutions you need. We also partner with experienced providers to offer a bundle of services to meet your requirements. From contact centre to member engagement, we’ve got you covered.

Admin Co

We understand you

From our experience, we appreciate your needs and challenges as a super fund.

We help you get there

We partner with you and help you implement solutions to produce tangible outcomes.

We seek to improve

We don’t like to stand still. We’re always looking for better ways to deliver more value.

We allow you to build scale

We support you in building new and customised product offerings on-system, allowing for scalability to meet your growth goals.

We stick to the rules

We know super is subject to complex compliance rules, so we’ve built compliance into all processes to keep you on the right side of the law.

We’re good with change

The super industry is no stranger to regulatory change. We help you respond to these changes through cost-effective implementation.

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